We are a Christian family, knowing we have been blessed by God. Our family has had many struggles including my depression (for over 12 years now), DH's broken leg that was 18 months and 4 surgeries to keep him from losing the leg/foot, and the typical trials of having teenagers, dealing with school and football schedules.

Andrews' family


Our family is a typical mom, dad and two children, still at home. I have an adult daughter who lives and works nearby, but we rarely see her, it seems.

We enjoy camping and four-wheeling as a family. DH is a HAM radio operator. DS plays football, starting high school this fall (and is already bigger than all the players on the CU football team). DD enjoys music with her dad, and is homeshooled.

Family meals

Four-wheeling and camping

I enjoy cooking and canning to feed my family well. With two teenagers in our home, food is essential! Especially since our 15yo son is larger than most adults. He is 6'9" and just starts high school this fall. Yes, he's a freshman and well over six and a half feet tall.

Our daughter is 12yo and homeschooled. My children both are learning to cook and enjoy helping in the kitchen now and again.

This is a work in progress - I'll enter more information later.